Most dog lovers are aware that having a dog can make their lives better. Most probably, this is because of their loyal companionship, unconditional love, and endless entertainment. This knowledge is not only based on emotions alone but is also backed by science.

Do you know that spending some time with your dog can be beneficial to your well-being? Based on the latest studies, having a dog is good for your emotional and physical health.

Dogs can make us healthier and happier as well. When we are experiencing difficulties, they can help us cope with the stress. The following are the 10 benefits of owning a dog based on science:

1. Dogs Are Beneficial for Your Heart

If you want to live longer, then have a dog. Based on the studies conducted between 1950 and 2019, researchers discovered that having a dog can help reduce the risk of death.

Studies reveal that dog owners can respond well to stress and have lower blood pressure levels. Research reveals that the bond between dogs and humans can reduce stress, which is a major factor in cardiovascular problems.

2. Dogs Can Make You Feel Less Lonely

Dogs will always be there for you, even when other people can’t. They provide you with emotional support, unconditional love, and constant companionship that can help you avoid social isolation.

According to an Australian study, owning a dog can help reduce loneliness. The Human Animal Bond Research Institute performed a survey between non-pet owners and pet owners and discovered that 85% of the participants believe that having a relationship with pets can help reduce loneliness. Most people agree that interaction with pets can help address social isolation.

3. Dogs Can Help You Cope With Challenges

Whenever you are undergoing a crisis in your life, dogs can help you recover psychologically.

According to the College of Veterinary Medicine Department of Purdue University, having a service dog can help military veterans suffering from PTSD, both physiologically and psychologically. The service dog has helped veterans significantly reduce their symptoms of PTSD and enhance their coping skills.

4. Dogs Can Help You Avoid Too Much Stress

Your furry friend can offer you some comfort and ease of stress when no one else can. Several studies have revealed that dogs and therapy dogs can help alleviate anxiety and stress.

Even simply petting a dog can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure while relaxing your tense muscles and slowing down your breathing.

According to the scientists at Washington State University, petting a dog for at least ten minutes can already have a great impact. Participants in the study showed an extreme reduction in their cortisol level, a leading stress hormone.

5. Dogs Can Make You Look More Attractive

Do you know that having a dog can help you get a date? The presence of a dog can make people look more attractive and likeable.

Several studies have found that men have greater chances of getting a woman’s phone number if they are bringing their dogs with them. In another study, participants were asked to rate individuals in photos. Participants revealed that people look more relaxed and happier when they are with their dogs.

According to a specific study by Pet Wingman, both men and women are more likely to swipe right on dating apps if there are dogs in the profile photos. Women with dogs gain more popularity than men with dogs in their profiles.

6. Dogs Motivate You to Move

Take note that those long treks along paths, trails, and sidewalks can likely add up. Based on a 2019 British study, people having dogs are four times more likely to meet their daily physical activity requirements compared to non-dog owners.

Every week, dog owners spend almost 300 minutes walking their dogs. This means that they’ve spent 200 more minutes walking than non-dog owners.

7. Dogs Are So Irresistible

Most often, puppies are hard to resist. The facial features of a dog include an “infant schema.” They can generate an inner caregiver response in you. Hence, there is a reason why you can’t stop watching those amazing dog videos. Well, it’s most likely because of those floppy ears and big eyes that are so appealing.

8. Dogs Make Us Feel More Social

When you are walking with a dog, it can make you feel more approachable and could be used as a good conversation starter.

Try to consider the number of times that you have talked to people, whether they are your friends or neighbors, while you are in the dog park. According to researchers, almost 40% of dog owners can easily make friends.

Therefore, dogs are the best way of acquiring new friends and getting to know strangers. People who are strongly attached to their pets can often feel a strong connection with humans and their communities, according to a study at Tufts University, particularly at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.

9. Dogs Can Create a Positive Impact on Seniors

Studies that focused more on the impacts of dogs on seniors discovered positive results. One study revealed that pet therapy can help enhance the cognitive function of people in long-term care, especially those with mental illness.

They also found a significant reduction in agitated behaviors, especially in seniors with dementia, based on another study. It can also help improve their social interactions.

10. Dogs Can Make You Feel Happier

By merely looking at a dog, it can already lift your spirits. In 2009, a study conducted in Japan revealed that by simply staring into a dog’s eyes, your level of oxytocin, referred to as the “love hormone, will increase.

Aside from the health benefits of owning a dog, dogs can also help boost your mood. Based on the 2017 study, patients with AIDS feel less depressed if they own a pet.

Keep in mind that a dog can offer you support and unconditional love, which is significantly important during those challenging times. Although most people believe that we are taking care of our dogs, it is mutual. Science supports the idea that dogs can take care of you.

Show Your Love to Your Dog

Dogs are always devoted to their owners. You can always be assured that they won’t be seeing other owners behind your back or signing up for a secret dating profile. They might flirt with their pet sitter, but don’t worry about it; after all, it’s harmless.

Ultimately, dogs have a great reputation for being faithful buddies. That is why sometimes reciprocating this love and devotion can be a bit challenging. Especially since we are having busy lives and have various priorities. However, we could at least try.

You should consider that food is love. However, your love for your dog is not only measured based on what you feed them. You should find out what the best foods are for them.

For instance, what can make their breath smell fresh, their coats shine, or their eyes sparkle? You could do some experiments. Once you have discovered what’s best for your dog, feed it to them. If you have a limited budget, then just make sure to give them high-quality food that you can afford.

Try to get to know your dog and accept them for who they are. Always remember that no two dogs are alike. Perhaps the dog that came before has helped you become a loving owner, but you should not expect this from the other dog.

The greatest love that you can give to your dog is to accept them for who they are. Your dog does the same for you. Avoid having notions of who you want them to be.

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