It’s always nice to bring home a new puppy or dog. However, if it’s your first time embarking on this journey of having a dog or puppy, then most probably, there are a lot of questions that come to mind.

That is why it is important that you do some research before selecting a dog. This can help you make a good match and know how to become a responsible first-time dog owner. At the same time, it can allow you and your furry friend to have some good times together throughout the years.

What Are the Responsibilities of Dog Owners?

Owning a dog offers you a lot of wonderful benefits. However, before considering getting a dog, be sure that you understand the responsibilities that come along with it.

When bringing home a full-grown dog or a tiny puppy, it is important that you have some plans on how you are going to take care of your new pet throughout its entire life. Depending on the breed and size of your dog, your canine buddy might live for as long as ten to 15 years or even longer.

But have you ever imagined where you will be ten or 15 years from now or what your life will be like? Hence, it is important to ensure that you are well-prepared to tackle this lifelong commitment before bringing home a new dog or puppy.

Decide Wisely

If you are interested in acquiring a purebred dog, then get to know more about the breed or breeds that you like by doing some research.

What makes you interested in this breed besides their appearance? It is recommended that you select a breed that matches your budget, space, and lifestyle. For instance, take note that the exercise requirements and energy levels of each breed differ.

Would you want your dog to join you while you are hiking or jogging? Or would you rather enjoy chilling out at home with your canine buddy? Other things to consider are the breed’s temperament, trainability, grooming requirements, and shedding levels.

Should You Get an Adult or a Puppy?

Most people would choose to bring home a puppy; however, it’s also fine to adopt an adult dog. Ultimately, puppies are likely adorable; however, they require a lot of work.

They require extensive training and socialization during the early years of their lives so that they will become well-behaved adult dogs. Another great challenge would be potty training, especially for some breeds. Furthermore, it can be hard to determine how the puppy will look and act as it grows up, particularly if you are having mixed breeds.

When you’re having a tiny puppy, then most likely, you’ll be guessing its temperament, coat type, and activity level. That is why most often it is much easier and more convenient to adopt an adult dog. Several adult dogs have been house-trained and sometimes they might have fundamental obedience training, as well.

In addition, when it comes to adult dogs, you can expect that what you see is what you get with regard to their personality, coat, energy level, and size. Also, compared to the younger ones, adult dogs can be just as fun, loving, and sweet.

Options for Getting Your New Dog

If you are interested in getting a new dog, then there are two major options for you. The first option is to purchase your new puppy from a breeder. The second option is to adopt an adult dog or puppy from a rescue group or an animal shelter.

Purchasing a Dog from a Breeder

If you want to own a purebred puppy, then the best option is to purchase it from a reliable breeder. Keep in mind that purchasing them online can be risky since most puppies that are sold online come from puppy mills or puppy brokers.

Typically, these puppies are poorly bred, and it’s possible that they could have behavioral issues or health problems. On the other hand, you can guarantee that a reliable breeder will take good care of their puppies and dogs carefully.

Find a Pup helps potential dog owners match with the perfect puppy for their lifestyle and home by properly screening their breeders, ensuring that any puppy you find on our platform has been raised ethically and healthily.

If possible, you could find breeders in your area or within driving distance so that you will be able to visit them and see their adult dogs. It is also advisable that puppy buyers talk to the breeders, hoping that they can notice any signs that they are indeed responsible breeders who are raising healthy puppies. The following are some indications of a good breeder:

  • Performs necessary breed health testing on adult dogs before breeding them and lets you see the health testing paperwork.
  • Allows their dogs to participate in performance events or dog shows.
  • Prefers to breed due to temperament and good health.
  • For each year, only a small number of litters should be bred.
  • Provides health guarantee for the puppies.
  • Every female dog should only have one litter per year.
  • The pups should be kept together with their mom and siblings until they reach eight weeks.

Adopting a Dog from a Rescue or Shelter

Whether you are interested in getting a purebred, mixed-breed puppy, or a mixed-breed adult dog, you will discover that there are a lot of dogs that are searching for new homes at rescue groups or animal shelters.

Most often, there are a lot of available puppies, however, you don’t have any information about their parents. If you are looking for purebred dogs, then you should visit breed-specific rescue groups.

Nevertheless, you can also find them in shelters, particularly if you are looking for popular breeds such as golden retrievers, Labs, and others. After adopting your new dog, you will feel relieved knowing that you have saved a life and have helped minimize overpopulated homeless pets.

It’s Time to Bring Home Your New Dog

Once you’ve selected your new puppy or dog, it’s time to bring them home. It’s highly advisable to take your new pet to a veterinarian within the first three days of adoption for a wellness examination, which may even be included in the breeder’s contract.

Ensure your new pet has a smooth transition into their new home by avoiding forcing things. Let your canine buddy explore at their own pace and keep interactions gentle and calm. Provide opportunities for rest and relaxation in a soft bed or crate.

Whether you’re adopting an adult dog or a puppy, understand that it will take time for them to adjust to their new home and family. Don’t stress if it takes days, weeks, or even months for your pet to feel comfortable—it will likely happen in due time.

While you may be eager to introduce your new pet to neighbors, family, and friends, it’s best to avoid overwhelming them with a large gathering right away. Instead, gradually introduce one or two people at a time until your furry friend feels more relaxed.

You can assist your dog in adjusting quickly by establishing a routine. Dogs feel more reassured when they know what to expect, so aim to take them for walks and feed them at the same time each day. Consider scheduling short training sessions and be consistent when enforcing house rules, rewarding your dog for good behavior.

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