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The Morkie, also recognized as the Yorktese, is classified as a Designer Mixed Breed by the ACHC. This particular crossbreed is achieved through the combination of the Yorkie and Maltese breeds. Popular as a Designer Mixed Bree. The Morkie is well-suited as a beloved companion and family pet. Originating in the United States, this blend brings together the Yorkshire terrier from England and the Maltese from Malta.

The Morkie is a mix of two small dog breeds: the Yorkie and the Maltese. Yorkies are confident and love attention while Maltese dogs enjoy sitting on laps. Both breeds can get along with other pets if they’re introduced properly but they might need supervision around bigger dogs to avoid fights. Even though Morkies are tiny they act like they’re bigger than they are. They’re good at watching over the house but families with very young kids should be careful that the small Morkie doesn’t get hurt during playtime.

If you want a dog for your apartment a Morkie could be a good choice. Morkies are a mix of Maltese and Yorkshire breeds both of which don’t need a lot of space. But Morkies don’t like being left alone for too long because they like attention. They might feel sad or start doing things they shouldn’t if left alone for a while. Also, Morkies get nervous easily in noisy or crowded places and with strangers. They also don’t like extreme temperatures so you need to keep them comfy in hot or cold weather.

Morkies are usually healthy but because they’re small dogs they can have some common health issues. They might inherit problems from their parents like glaucoma, low blood sugar and breathing troubles especially after running around. It’s a good idea to ask the breeder about the parents’ health history and check if they have any health certificates. Also, small dogs like Morkies can have dental problems so it’s important to take care of their teeth.

The Morkie is a good choice for new dog owners because they’re generally easy to train. They respond well to training when they understand who’s in charge. The Maltese, one of their parent breeds is smart and eager to please which helps balance out any stubbornness from the Yorkie side. Morkies are alert and bark when needed so they make good watchdogs. Since they’re sensitive and like to make their owners happy positive training methods with rewards, praise, and play work best for them.

Morkies have coats that don’t shed much and are okay for people with allergies. Their fur is usually soft and needs brushing regularly especially if it’s long. Keeping their coat short makes grooming easier. It’s good to brush their teeth weekly or better yet every day and trim their nails once a month. Also, remember to check and clean their ears regularly to keep them dry and free from dirt.

The Morkie is lively and loves attention, though they may not sit still for too long. Being a smaller breed they don’t need as much exercise as terriers or herding dogs but they play enthusiastically. A few walks daily some play sessions and plenty of cuddles will make them happy.

This mix of breeds usually gets to be about 6 to 15 inches tall and weighs between 5 to 15 pounds when they’re fully grown.

On average, a Morkie typically has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

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