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The Cava-Tzu is a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Shih Tzu, often resembling the latter, but appearance may vary based on the dominant parent breed. They exhibit a variety of colors, including black, brown, white, tan, and ruby, often in combinations. Typically small, both males and females weigh up to 16 pounds and stand 9 to 18 inches tall. Known for intelligence and playfulness, Cava-Tzus are excellent family pets who get along well with children and other pets. They are easily trainable and do not require excessive exercise to stay healthy.

The Cava-Tzu is a devoted and affectionate companion that cherishes time with its family. While they are friendly with children and other pets, they may jump when excited, necessitating supervision around younger children. They are sociable with strangers and enjoy interactive play. Despite their moderate exercise needs, they delight in ball games and walks, followed by rest. Adaptable to apartment living, they can tolerate brief periods alone, making them suitable for various lifestyles. They are not prone to excessive barking and respond well to positive training methods. Furthermore, they relish being held or cuddled on their laps.

The Cava-Tzu is highly adaptable and suitable for apartments and larger homes, given proper attention and exercise. They handle various climates well but are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Due to their small size, they may need extra warmth in the winter. While they can tolerate short periods alone, they form strong bonds with their families and prefer not to be left alone for extended periods.

Overall, the Cava-Tzu is typically a healthy dog breed, yet there are potential health concerns to consider, such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, kidney issues, and liver disease. Responsible breeders prioritize screening their breeding stock to reduce the risk of hereditary health issues. When acquiring a Cava-Tzu, it’s wise to inquire about the genetic and health history of the parents and request information on any health tests and clearances conducted by the breeder.

The Cava-Tzu is highly trainable and intelligent, fitting well with owners of any experience level. Their quick learning abilities make them adaptable to different training methods, with positive reinforcement being the most effective. Despite occasional stubbornness and independence, especially challenging for first-time owners, enrolling them in puppy training and obedience classes proves beneficial. These classes not only assist novice owners in handling stubborn behavior but also offer valuable socialization opportunities for Cava-Tzu puppies.

The Cava-Tzu, with its long, silky coat and moderate shedding, benefits from regular brushing to prevent tangles. Professional grooming every 4–6 weeks ensures their best appearance. Maintaining nails, ears, and teeth is crucial, along with monthly nail trimming, regular ear checks, and dental care, including daily brushing or enzyme toothpaste, to prevent issues and promote overall oral health.

The Cava-Tzu usually maintains a moderate activity level, with bursts of energy followed by rest periods. While they don’t require extensive exercise, daily walks and play sessions suffice. They enjoy spending time and playing with their owners, engaging in more activities if encouraged. Exploring options like visits to the dog park, playing frisbee, hiking, or swimming can foster enjoyable experiences for both the owner and Cava-Tzu, potentially uncovering new shared interests.

A fully-grown Cava-Tzu typically stands between 15-18 inches tall and weighs approximately 10-16 pounds.

On average, a Cava-Tzu has a lifespan of approximately 12 to 15 years.

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