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The Miniature Aussiedoodle is a designer mixed breed dog acknowledged by several canine organizations including the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), International Designer Canine Registry, Designer Breed Registry, and Designer Dogs Kennel Club.

This delightful breed, also known as the Mini Aussiedoodle or Miniature Aussiepoo, is a downsized iteration of the standard Aussiedoodle. It results from crossing an Australian Shepherd with a Miniature Poodle. Renowned for their petite stature and gentle nature, Miniature Aussiedoodles excel as companions, therapy animals, and emotional support dogs.

Mini Aussiedoodles, when well-socialized, often exhibit a friendly, affectionate, and devoted demeanor towards their owners. Their high level of intelligence contributes to their adaptability and makes them quick learners. These lovable bundles of energy typically establish harmonious relationships with children, other animals, and various individuals.

Despite their amiable nature, Mini Aussiedoodles are not commonly known for excelling as guard dogs. However, they can serve as effective watchdogs by alerting you when someone is nearby. The herding instinct inherited from the Australian Shepherd side may manifest in a playful manner, leading your Mini Aussiedoodle to attempt herding family members to maintain proximity. Early training can effectively mitigate any emerging herding tendencies.

Mini Aussiedoodles thrive best in homes with yards where they can freely romp around, although they can adapt to apartment living with proper care. Their adaptability to various living situations hinges on receiving adequate daily exercise, mental stimulation, and attention. However, it’s important to note that they may be more sensitive to extreme weather conditions due to their smaller size.

In hot weather, it’s crucial to keep their coat groomed shorter, provide ample water, and closely monitor them to prevent overheating. Conversely, during the winter, maintaining their coat in a normal or longer clip and outfitting them with appropriate winter dog gear can help them withstand the cold.

These affectionate dogs deeply crave interaction with their families and form strong bonds with them, making them dislike prolonged periods of solitude. Without early intervention, they may develop separation anxiety. Consistent socialization, training, ensuring they receive sufficient exercise before leaving them alone, and providing stimulating puzzle toys can assist them in coping with brief periods of isolation more effectively.

Health considerations are important for any dog breed, and mixed breeds like the Miniature Aussiedoodle are no exception. While the genetic diversity in mixed breeds can sometimes confer immunity to certain conditions, they can still be prone to health issues common in both parent breeds. It’s essential for Mini Aussiedoodle owners to stay vigilant and proactive about their pet’s health, including regular veterinary check-ups and screenings for any potential inherited health conditions. Early detection and proper care can help ensure a long and healthy life for your furry companion.


Miniature Aussiedoodles are highly trainable due to their intelligence and energy levels, but they can be challenging for inexperienced owners. They thrive with active lifestyles and benefit from positive reinforcement training. Providing them with tasks to do helps keep them engaged, and their athleticism makes them suitable for various dog sports.

The coat of Miniature Aussiedoodles, resulting from the mix of Australian Shepherd and Miniature Poodle, varies in colors and patterns. Their fur is typically soft, low-shedding, and may have hypoallergenic properties. Regular grooming, including brushing a few times a week or daily to prevent tangling, professional grooming every 2-3 months, and nail, ear, and dental care are important. Early introduction to grooming routines facilitates easier care as they grow.

The Mini Aussiedoodle is a dog breed with a moderate to high energy level, requiring ample daily exercise, attention, and mental stimulation for their overall well-being. Regular walks throughout the day, play sessions, and opportunities to run are typically sufficient, although they may eagerly partake in additional activities if presented.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential for this breed. Once they reach adulthood, engaging in more vigorous activities such as swimming, hiking, participating in dog sports, or visiting dog parks can be beneficial. Consistent training and providing your Mini Aussiedoodle with tasks to perform will contribute to their happiness and generally good behavior. Without proper outlets for their energy and stimulation, they may resort to self-amusement, potentially leading to destructive behaviors.

Adult Miniature Aussiedoodles generally measure 14-19 inches in height and weigh between 15-35 pounds.

On average, Mini Aussiedoodles typically have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

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